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Path finders. Bridge builders.

During the years of professional and private relations to the U.S. we have made quite a few discoveries, one of the most interesting being the fact that the cultural differences between this and that side of the Atlantic still provide for a number of challenges and obstacles. This isnŽt about blending in or being welcome, this is about reaching your objectives. About showing your business partners that youŽre committed, about opening up markets and perspectives and about understanding.

Americanet Cultural Coaching  Services are offered to business people from all fields who are in frequent contact with Germany, need to improve on their German language skills, serve German speaking customers, take over job duties in Germany or have other personal or professional reasons to become accustomed to German habits, traditions, characteristics, particularities and customs.

Americanet Consulting Services  aim to support inbound travel business and hospitality professionals in effectively marketing their product or service to German language customers. This means we develop strategies for advertising and public relations campaigns, provide you with German language copy to use in your material and set up the contacts to key travel sellers in Europe.




Sometimes blending in is just as important as standing out

Immerse yourself. It’s better than drowning.
Americanet offers Cultural Taining Programs for North American professionals from all areas of business with strong ties to Germany, entrepreneurs looking to do business with Germany and persons with a private interest to become acquainted with Germany.

Trainings are available either individually or with one partner and take place in Kassel, a historic town in the center of Germany, host to the internationally famous art show documenta. Kassel is a city with beautiful surroundings and a cityscape that reflects centuries of Western European history and as such forms the ideal background for our programs that cover a multitude of aspects and allow trainees to immerse in German culture, language, and society.The training puts 50/50 emphasis on learning the German language and discovering German customs, traditions and values. Both will be done in a casual, conversational atmosphere far away from classrooms or textbooks. WeŽll cover topics such as history, current politics, culture, family life and of course business and always leave space to allow for your personal interests.

Our training programs are designed for seven days including travel to and from Kassel. We will schedule in cooperation with our clients to make sure we are meeting the objectives you have. We also gladly arrange for airport pick-up, transportation and accommodation and also serve in assistance for expatriates relocating to Germany.

German market workshops

In times of diminished budgets, it becomes more and more important to make the most of the marketing dollars invested. Retaining international customers means taking a big step towards future revenue and international recognition as a destination. Our German Market workshops, aimed at travel-related businesses with frequent contact to visitors from abroad, are offered to DMOs and CVBs in America as a great way to enhance memberships.

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