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Market Representation Services

We provide complete market representation services to U.S. destinations CVB associations and travel related businesses.  Our packages include front and back office services, continuous marketing campaigns, We do not believe in a one-size-fits- all approach to marketing, that´s why all our campaigns are individually tailored and targeted, no matter if you´re looking to introduce a brand name, increase sales numbers or promote an event. Our unparalleled commitment, our fresh ideas and our experience pave the way towards greater revenue possibilities for local member businesses - remember your mission statement?

Our services are affordable for all destinations, no matter how big or small. This is how your town can become a location instead of a place and how you can turn a waypoint into a gateway. If you are on a tight budget or maybe just want to test the waters, take a look at our Share-a-line offer, a whole new approach to market representation.




We’re not going to promise they’ll build a replica of your town in Berlin
 if you partner with us.

11 million, 20 billion, 1 million
These are the numbers we focus on. More than 11 million European travelers visit the U.S. per year, both on business and leisure trips. International travel generates an annual payroll of $ 20 billion in America and combines for jobs for more than one million Americans. To let our clients participate in this market is our main objective. Increasing revenue through travel usually doesn’t require large investments but it does require visibility, PR and market placement. The success stories of some internationally recognized destinations show how tourism can release a growth impulse affecting entire regions. Americanet Market Representation Services give your area access to these development opportunities.

Americanet Market Representation Service Items

Direct sales calls to travel industry professionals

On-demand and proactive distribution of marketing material, fulfillment service

Front-office point of contact services to the public, the media and the travel industry

Online and offline advertising campaigns

Marketing towards the media, travel feature writing, editorials and press release publication

Creation of travel packages, sales coaching, roadshows

Translation and adaptation services for key marketing material

International perspective cultural coaching, traveler feedback and customer care

Catalogue service and creation of ready-to-sell packages

Shared, low-budget representation services with Share-a-Line

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