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No one doubts the advantages of a travel industry business having a presence on the international market. Potential customers, industry buyers and the media appreciate the possibility of being able to contact representatives of a destination, hospitality businesses or a travel service provider without the hassles of a foreign language and long-distance calling. However, obtaining representation and sales support services abroad usually isn't exactly bargain hunting and many smaller businesses or travel markets shy away from the long-term investments associated with such contracts.

Americanet Travel Marketing addresses and solves this problem with Share-a-line, a concept allowing American businesses and DMOs to access the important German language travel market. This idea not only brings you that much closer to sellers, the media and the public, it also comes with the most convenient terms and conditions we could possibly come up with.

The Share-a-line concept allows our destination and travel business clients to set up representation in Germany. For clients signed up for Share-a-line, Americanet provides on-demand information, representation and customer care services, open to travel trade, the media and the public. German language customers wishing to receive information on our clients’ products and services, having specific inquiries or requests or looking for contact to our clients for any reason are accommodated. Our clients can thus publish and refer to a German office without actually having to set up full-size representation. Since the avenues of communication as well as office space and staff are shared with other Americanet clients, costs can be dramatically reduced as compared to those associated with retaining exclusive representation services.

Share-a-line advantages:

Access to German language travel information for travelers and the media

Access to German language sales support for travel professionals

Direct marketing, upsell and cross-sell opportunities

Immediate presence and recognition on international markets

Low monthly costs and immediate setup

Unlimited referrals and sales leads

Applied, hands-on customer care

Knowledgeable, professional and courteous staff

Share-a-line users receive:

German language travel information services and sales support by phone and email in normal business hours Monday-Saturday

Accessibility free from language and time zone hassles

A regular German phone number to publish and refer to

A dedicated email address

Up to ten inquiries, no matter how complex, included in monthly rate*

Opportunity to promote products and services

Detailed quarterly report on type and content of inquiries fielded

* Staff will identify themselves as representatives of our clients and will be able to answer basic inquiries and general information requests. To answer more complex questions, Americanet will contact client and provide inquirer with free callback. Sales inquiries will be processed and forwarded to client to finalize.

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