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Still trying to win the battle at the brochure rack?

Americanet Travel Marketing and PR services for U.S. destinations, travel service providers and hospitality businesses means unique, innovative service ideas that enable you to access one of the most lucrative outbound travel markets in the world in the most effective and economic way. European travelers account for billions of dollars spent in the U.S. each year, with numbers growing annually. In order to attract those visitors to your business, you need to apply a diverse yet highly targeted strategy.

Typical objectives for Americanet Campaigns are market entries, name branding and brand recognition and market position. Our service packages, tailored to your needs, go far beyond advertising and rely on our deep knowledge of the market, thorough research, and our long experience in Public Relations. Choose from our portfolio of service items to combine for the strategy that best caters to your goals. Reach out to potential customers before they even leave for the airport - and before your competitors do.




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We pride ourselves in offering a broader definition of promotional campaigning than most other agencies, because we understand that establishing a product on a foreign market bears many challenges. That’s why we go further, go beyond. We know being successful on the international carpet is not only a matter of languages but also of understanding what foreign visitors are looking for and to cater to these expectations. This is our step beyond and your decisive step forward.

Americanet Marketing and PR Service Items

Ad placement in relevant online and offline publications

German language search engine marketing and optimization

Fulfillment Services

Direct marketing with sales focus towards travel professionals

Creation and publication of press releases and editorial pieces

Travel feature writing

Translation and distribution of marketing material

Gathering and evaluating of customer feedback, follow-up

Representation, sales and point-of-contact services

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